Should You Move in Together?



Moving in together is a huge step in any relationship. Whether you’ve been together for years or just know that your partner is the one, make sure to consider these ideas before taking that next step:


You want the same things out of your relationship

Do you want to get married? Do you want to have children? These are all questions you should ask yourself and your significant other before moving in together. Failing to discuss these important details can lead to a crushing split down the road and will be much messier if you are living together.


You have discussed finances

It can be awkward to talk about money with your partner but it is necessary before you move in together and need to the pay bills. Will you create a joint account? Whose name will be on the lease? Be up front about how to want to divide up expenses and what your budget is for your new home.


You communicate openly

Communication is key in creating and maintaining a strong relationship. When you’re upset, can you speak with your partner? Can you talk to your partner about your goals for the future? If silent treatments or passive-aggressive actions are your go-to move with your significant other, moving in together might not be right for your relationship.


You love each other

This may seem obvious but you should really love and trust someone before moving in together. Yes, your partner may get on your nerves from time to time but you need to know that you deeply care for this person before committing to sharing a home.


If you’ve considered all of the above and feel confident in your relationship, moving in together could be a great next step. Just remember not to rush anything and enjoy your time together.


Best of luck!

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