What Men Really Want?

Sage Advice For The First Date

The age-old question. The timeless enigma. The ultimate, unanswered riddle. What do men really want? No, its not as it simple as it seems. C’mon. Get your mind outta the gutter! The nutshell answer is that every man wants something different, correspondent to the many parts of who he is, where he’s at in his life, yada yada. Let’s not psychoanalyze. Books could be written. Freud spent his life writing them, after all.

The best and most applicable answer, for those of us living and working and dreaming in New York City, is that men want the exact. same. thing women want. They want a connection. A teammate. A partner in crime, per se, or a co-captain, perhaps — you get it. They want to feel adored. They want someone to ask them questions about their ideas and opinions and motives and dreams, and get the exhilarating sense that the other person is eager for an answer. They want to relate to another person’s distaste for brown mustard (its the little things), or find that someone will laugh every bit as uproariously at an obscure YouTube video that they stumbled upon before bed. Yes, men get excited at the sight of a pretty woman, and they consider beauty in its rawest, physical form to be a source of splendor, but — but — if we really want an answer to what men want, we can think of it this way. Maybe what interests us in the mirror is not ourselves, but that person who is so interested in us. And heck, it wouldn’t be bad if she were a wonderful woman.

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