As quoted in: STILL DOING IT (The Intimate Lives of Women Over 60)

Fay Goldman says that the reason most older women don’t go to matchmakers is because many won’t accept women in their sixties and seventies, and many women just assume all don’t. Luckily for Stella her single-mindedness led her to someone who could help her. And Stella made quite an impression on Fay. “With Stella, I remember her energy level and her aliveness, and she was sorta excited about life and really just refreshing, very much alive, very interested in things. You could feel her energy, you know, just very very up, positive energy.” Fay quickly thought of a few matches for her.

When Stella met her lover he was only the second man she went out with, but sparks did fly.

As matchmaker Fay Goldman points out, one of the perks of getting older is being able to be with someone who is different, and that, in and of itself, fosters a greater sense of autonomy and self.

Fay Goldman, the matchmaker at Meaningful Connections, says that while she doesn’t have a plentiful pool, like for someone in their thirties, she’s been surprised at “what I do come up with for women in their sixties.” She says that the good news is that more men are opening up to being with women their own age or older, especially men who have been married or had some therapy—the ones she calls more “evolved”-but these guys are still the exception, not the norm.

On the other hand, Stella, who met her lover in her late sixties through matchmaker Fay Goldman and started to have some of the wildest sex in her life, did. As Stella describes it, “I have a good, strong libido, and I’m always interested in sex.

by Deirdre Fishel, and Diana Holtzberg Published by the Penguin Group