New York

Fay Goldman is a matchmaker for New York City’s most exclusive residents. Utilizing twenty years of experience and an intimate knowledge of the dating scene in the Center of the Universe, she finds meaningful connections for high-end clients — with the right dose of fun along the way.

New Jersey

Fay Goldman will be extending her services in Morris County, New Jersey. Featured in the New York Times as one of the city’s premier matchmakers, Fay has been in business for close to twenty years, serving an exclusive clientele. Her home base will be in Boonton Township, at 521 Main Antiques (Boonton, NJ) where she’ll be available to meet and discuss your goals for finding a match.

Whatever stage of your life is unfolding, it takes savvy, skill, and a hint of sorcery to find a meaningful connection. And that’s exactly what Fay is good at. Whether you’re building a life for yourself and want to share it with someone incredible, or are looking to enter a new relationship after the end of another, Fay specializes in getting to know you, developing a plan, and making it happen.

Using a matchmaker is a fun experience. It’s like having an agent. In the process, you may learn new things about yourself, which help you reach a greater purpose and a deeper romance. You’ll get to skip the awkwardness of accepting a date you aren’t really into, set-ups from friends, roundabout small talk — all the stuff about dating that can frustrate. After two decades match making in Manhattan, Fay knows how to skip the fluff — and the ones who don’t make the cut. Her standards are high, with good reason. She knows what it takes to find a truly meaningful connection.