In Touch Magazine – On Television Reality Show, Joe Millionaire contestants

…professional matchmaker Fay Goldman of Meaningful Connections in New York warns everyone involved needs to tackle the issue of the show’s deceitful nature. “She may need to reexamine her feelings,” she says. “That honesty and trust is a crucial core of any relationship.” According to matchmaker Fay Goldman, “Women with careers and a good education […]

In Touch Magazine – On Television Reality Show, Bachelorette contestants

“He’s in the seduction stage of the relationship now,” says professional matchmaker Fay Goldman. “For some people, the infatuation never wears off, and they can make the romance last forever.” According to Fay Goldman, “He’s on his best behavior for the cameras and he’s acting a certain way, but in reality — away from the […]

Heather Robinson of Time Out New York

Heather Robinson of Time Out New York writes: At this straightforward dating service, owner Fay Goldman first conducts anhour-long interview that includes questions about a prospective client’s education, career, lifestyle, and qualities desired in a partner. Goldman then personally sifts through her client roster (consisting of hundreds of people) to try to make a match. […]

New York Times – New Love, Beckoning All Old Gits

…Ms. Goldman is encouraged by tomorrow’s wedding, because the prince and his bride [Charles & Camilla] “are being more realistic about the someone who wants to be with them.” Usually, she said, people do best when they look for mates their own age, or reasonably close. Unattached … men who start out expressing interest in […]