Intro to Matchmaker Fay of NYC’s Meaningful Connections

Meaningful Connections

Fay Goldman has been a NYC matchmaker for over 20 years. A native New Yorker, she has made a lifetime of connections, creating her boutique agency, Meaningful Connections. Which, much like Matchmaker Fay – is a breath of fresh air.

Unlike similar services (and I know of them all too well) Fay created her agency to be different, using a formula that is all her own. She combines the timeless tradition of matchmaking (a dying art, in which she is truly talented) with the challenges and demands of dating in this fast-paced city, applying her personal touch.

Her motto: “It’s not about the volume of our clientele- it’s the quality”

Fay takes the time to personally hand-pick not only the matches- but her clients. The first meeting for a potential client is always in person and Fay tries her best to accommodate everyone’s busy schedule while arranging to meet. This face-to-face is crucial to kick-off the process because this is where she really gets to know you – and more importantly what you are looking for. Her method is much like her approach in general in that it is in depth and tailored to each individual client. Varying from collaborating on your wish list, going over your non-negotiables, and discussing your relationship history, goals and expectations. You and Fay work together to come up with your best plan.

Every meeting, match, and date following that is completely unique to you. And unlike other services that are out there, Fay doesn’t disappear into the background. From a pep-talk before the date, calling you after to hear how it all went-  even offering you advice and date coaching if you wish- she is in touch with you throughout the entire process. She is professional and dedicated to working on your behalf, constantly using your feedback to further fine-tune your next match. Rest assured that Fay always has your best interest in mind and at heart.

Because…let’s face it- dating isn’t always pleasant. But it’s a comfort to know you have someone working behind the scenes that you can count on during the whole experience.

It’s this personal touch- this level of attention and thoughtfulness that really sets Fay apart from the rest. She isn’t looking to push you out on a bunch of dates with the wrong person just for the sake of it. She takes her job seriously and that is to find your perfect match in every sense of that word. This isn’t something solely based on looks alone or things “on paper”. She takes that into consideration obviously, but there is so much more to it than that. She has a rare gift of listening and really getting to know you on a deeper level. And it is with those talents that allow Fay to find what you are looking for and what’s been missing in the dating game these days… Meaningful Connections.

Stay tuned for more tips and insights on this topic and more…next month with Matchmaker Fay.


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