What Not To Do On A First Date


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We all want to make a good first impression so let’s avoid these fatal flaws on a first date:

Do Not Conduct an Inquisition:

No one enjoys being grilled or pressured as to whether they will commit to having children with you at your first meeting. Your date will only feel uncomfortable and probably will not want to see you in the future. Dating should not be rushed; take things one step at time and enjoy the experience.


Do Not Get Drunk:

Dating can be nerve wrecking and this advice may seem obvious but it still needs to be said. Don’t use alcohol to loosen yourself up before or during a date. You want to charm your date and you need a sharp mind in order to do so. Try calling a friend before your date if you are feeling nervous.


Do Not Appear Desperate:

Nothing is worse than showing desperation on a first date. Validation should not come from, essentially, a stranger. Fishing for compliments is not an attractive quality. Your date will find this behavior unattractive and I can guarantee the relationship will not last long.


Do Not Wear Your Dirty Running Clothes:

Put some effort into your appearance prior to a date. This does not mean you need to completely change your look or spend a ton of money to get ready for a date. This simply means look presentable. Don’t try to squeeze in a quick coffee date after a trip to the gym. Showing up in your sweaty workout gear is not the way to attract a potential partner. Everyone is busy but we all like to feel that somebody is putting in some effort into a first date.


Do Not Drone on About Your Ex:

No one wants to hear all the details of your past relationship. Especially not on a first date. Talking about your past relationship(s) only proves that you have not moved on. Focus on the present moment instead.


Don’t Get Physical Too Quickly:

One of the most unattractive things you can do is try to make out with someone immediately on the first date. Get to know each other by engaging in a meaningful conversation. Save the kissing and intimacy talk for future encounters. However sometimes a goodbye kiss is appropriate if the mood is right.


Hopefully these tips will save you from making a fatal mistake on your first date.


Written by Fay Goldman and Mollie Shimer

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