Who uses a matchmaker?

Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a — no no no. Those days are over. In New York City, with 2016 fast approaching, dating is a complicated game. Dozens of websites, apps, profiles, likes, messages, let’s-grab-a-drink’s, I-had-fun!-I’ll-text-you’s — and chances are, you’ve tried at least a couple of them (FarmersOnly.com is where its at, if you don’t know.) And there’s still the old-fashioned way, the way my grandparents met — he saw her in a diner with her friends, worked up the courage, walked up to her, chest out, and said something clever and witty — he may have also bought her an ice cream. Those days are over too, it seems.

Or maybe times have changed for the better. Maybe there’s a lot more to get done, nowadays, and the ice cream parlor pick-up-line is duly out of vogue. Whatever the case, in the all-consuming rush of the city, using a matchmaker is more and more practical, as well as effective for finding someone who gives you those awesome butterflies, and potentially, becomes something more. A matchmaker is kind of like a consultant, a scout, an agent, a wingman and a therapist rolled into one. They get to know you, in ways that only a professional can, and they work for you, in the ways that a sheer lack of time may prevent you from working for yourself.

The prime candidate for a matchmaker? Someone who squeezes every second out of the day, juggling a trillion different things, and gets results. Career. Ambition. Goals. Success. These things don’t come easy, and they aren’t for the timid. Any good lawyer has pulled one or two all-nighters in their careers — or last week. Try starting a business in the uber-competitive and zero-room-for-error realm of Manhattan, and you’ll find that the leftover time to run errands is worth its weight in gold, or foreign currency reserves, or unicorns — you get the idea. A matchmaker, foremost, has to be someone you like, and someone who gets you. After that, all the leg work — the which-day-works-for-you game of pong, et cetera — is handled by someone who knows what you’re looking for, whether its a supermodel with a PhD (good luck), or someone to grab an ice cream with (vegan frozen yogurt, perhaps), and maintains a growing network of ambitious people making it happen in New York. And that’s what everyone came here to do, right?

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