It’s Peak Season for a Matchmaker, but Do Not Call Her Yente – New York Times

This being the week when Cupid draws back his bow, we were wondering about a possible seasonal malady. Is there such a thing as Valentine’s Day anxiety in this city, a cousin perhaps to the agita that overtakes some people around Christmas?

In search of an answer, we took Fay Goldman to lunch. Ms. Goldman is a matchmaker.

It is indeed an issue, she said after we had settled into a booth at Brasserie 8 1/2, a stylish restaurant on West 57th Street, nestled at the bottom of a sweeping staircase.

“I usually get very busy right around Valentine’s Day,” she said. “People tend to panic. It just brings it more to the forefront that they’re not with somebody. Couples sometimes break up around then also, I’ve noticed. People hang in to New Year’s Eve, and then after that, kind of move on. Sometimes, they just bail right before Valentine’s Day.” – Read the full article